Manual (A4) p160: Shortcut for Notepad switch (Minor)


I hope this is the right place to report this. It’s very minor, but it may cause someone a little bit of confusion.

p160, Para 17.6, note 1: 'Notes: Immediate access to existing text… Switch between notepads with cmd–6 and ctrl-cmd–6."

As far as I can see ctrl-cmd-6 no longer works - the notepads simply toggle with cmd-6 (a much simpler solution, I think). Is this a change from V1.5 that hasn’t been updated?

Many thanks


Hmm, that should still be working. I just checked and I get Cmd-6 mapped to the next note in the list, and Ctrl-Cmd-6 mapped to the previous note in the list. The wording on that could be cleaned up a bit to better indicate that one goes forward and the other goes backward. Are you not seeing this shortcut at all when you drop-down the menu?


Thanks for the reply. I think I know what happened now. I only had the one Project Note - hadn’t actually realised that you could have more than one. Therefore, the menu only showed the current document note and the single project note - so no Ctrl-Cmd-6 visible.

Reading the manual again, I see that this is clear enough in paragraph 17.4.1 and I just hadn’t picked it up as I’d only read 17.6, which is just a brief reminder of the shortcuts rather than an explanation of notes.

Mea culpa, should have rtfmed a bit more closely…

On a related note (sorry…) the section in the manual on Project Notes (12.3) isn’t completed yet, so I have one more question, now that I’ve found the PN facility. The shortcuts that work in the Inspector (Ctrl-Cmd-6 and Cmd-6) to move between notes don’t work in the PN HUD. I can’t find a way to move between the different project notes in the HUD without clicking (ugh) on the tabs with the mouse (nasty rodenty thing).

I’ve tried all the obvious (to me) combinations with Tab and I can’t find a menu item to which I could attach my own shortcut. Am I missing something again?

If not, would it be possible to add the same functionality shortcuts as in the Inspector to a future release? This is only a very minor thing of course but it would help in the righteous struggle to reduce the plague of mice that blights so many lives…

Many thanks