Manual created with Scrivener

Is the ‘Scrivener manual’ created with Scrivener? I would like to use a similar template to generate a non-fiction manuscript. How does one do that? Also I cant get the contents in the compiled output - are there any macros that need to be defined?

You can download the Scrivener Project file (the Scrivener Manual in Scrivener format) from this page:

Or from this direct link: …

But be aware, it’s created in Scrivener, but written using MMD and compiled through LaTeX, by L&L’s uber-guru AmberV.


Mr X

I would definitely recommend the Scapple manual actually (same page as linked above), as it is newer and can actually compile using the latest MultiMarkdown (though it should be stressed that I never designed these projects to compile out of the box on Windows, that is why I file them under the Mac sub-heading on the support page—they will open, and provide a good technical reference for how one can build a project like this, but they won’t compile correctly without extensive modification, I believe). The Scrivener manual, on the other hand, requires an old version of MMD that doesn’t even work on Windows without installing enough infrastructure to get Perl and xsltproc working (never mind LaTeX, but you’ll need that for the Scapple manual, too), and you may very well have to code or fix up the shell scripts that make it all work. I’ve never even tried to get MMD2 working on Windows, but I know it was once possible, years ago.

The main thing missing from the Scapple manual project will be its compile settings. I work from a Mac, so they are all stored into the Mac’s compile preference file. There are over a dozen replacements that are required to turn some of my local syntax into LaTeX or proper MMD, and of course there is the whole LaTeX preamble that is defined directly in the compile settings. If you know what all of these words mean, and are definitely interested in seeing something practical, I could get you the necessary settings.

Some of these scripts are definitely not going to run in Windows. I get the feeling that the Windows version is really crippled - it does not even check grammar - no checks for over used words, writing style, pronouns. Afraid, its MS Word for me now.

What scripts are you referring to? As I recall, the only thing you would really need a Mac for, with the Scapple project, is a demonstration of how to export multiple editions from the same source text, and one could easily get rid of that limitation by searching for the “Macintosh Only” label and removing those items from the Draft folder. In fact the inline-text edition system should be working on Windows as well (it has nothing to do with Scrivener, it is using LaTeX logic). There may be a few details here and there that don’t work the same way, but overall the concept works just fine. If some strange little esoteric compile-time replacement doesn’t quite work as I intended it to, that’s hardly an indictment on the entire system. :slight_smile: