Manual in epub or mobi

How about providing the manual in epub or mobi? I know I can put the pdf on my Kindle but it works better as an ebook
I love Scrivener

When I’ve got a spare week to design a solid workflow for doing that, I’ll do it. :slight_smile: It’s been on my list for years.

I tried to compile the Scrivener manual into kindle format… because it uses multiple mark down… it doesn’t compile into kindle very well (or at least it didn’t last time I tried and gave up!)

Yeah, there is a script out there than can turn an MMD file into an ePub (and of course from there you can get to Kindle with the KindleGen utility, or Kindle Previewer. I hear it does a pretty good job of getting you started. I believe it’s fairly labour-intensive to use at the moment. That’s probably fine for a single publication, but for something that gets published, in final format, 6 to 12 times per year, you need a pretty efficient system.