Manual Index

Here in the far west colonies, we are accustomed to searching subjects by their references on pages, a service commonly rendered by an “Index” at the rear of the publication.
It does not appear that the Scrivener program manual has an index.
Such a feature would be a great convenience to those of us here in the United States who otherwise appreciate such a fine program as yours. Thank you.

Oh I wouldn’t confine the usefulness of an index to the United States. :slight_smile: Useful though an index may be, it is more useful when there is no other search engines that can be used (i.e. paper book). Since constructing a useful index is a fairly major project, and PDF search engines already work quite well, it’s has a lower priority. So factor in that we’ve all been squeezed for time getting even medium to high priority stuff done and there just hasn’t even remotely been time to put towards something like this.

It is on the list though. One of these days we’ll have a bound copy of it available for purchase or included in a box for sale, and an index at that time would be awful nice to have.

Is there an add-on recommended as there was for a bibliography manager?


I’m not sure if I follow what you mean. :blush:

An add-on, for the user manual?

I’m referring to an add-on such a Bookends for bibliography but for creating a book’s index.


Ah, I know that specialist indexing software exists, not to mention that some word processors can do this out of the box as well. I’m not familiar with anything though; you might have better luck asking in the Software by Other Folk section (or at least the Usage Scenarios section), which other writers tend to check in more often; just make sure to specify your platform. The bug posting section here is probably only monitored by people with the bugs they reported and us.