Manual instructions, Snapshot for example

I am loving Scrivener!
That said, not everything is intuitive and I am computer savvy enough to try things and generally get around without too much help. But when I do need help, I think your manual is lacking in those areas that are not intuitive or are a new concept for users.

One of these is Snapshots. I got the concept and used it, but used the + because I didn’t remember the menu option for it. When I tried to rename the title, I left clicked, right clicked, clicked on the Title but nothing worked. I read the manual and in section 15.6 it tells you that you can rename Snapshots in the Inspector, which will be fully explained in section 18.8 but it did not explain. I’m told I can rename it, but nowhere do you tell me how to rename it!

Googling didn’t turn up anything. I finally located it in your forum under how to title a Snapshot. Maybe you should consider having 2 different manuals if you don’t want to be too wordy. One to explain how it works and the general functionality, and one with more explicit and detailed instructions on everything. Because you make it too hard to find out how to use certain features, which can be off-putting for using it and I think it’s a great product!

Thanks, I’ve spent a little time cleaning up these two areas of the manual, and added instructions for renaming snapshots. In this particular case it isn’t a matter of avoiding too many words in one spot, it’s that the inspector itself needs documentation on how to use all of its panes, so it makes sense to do so in one easy to find location. But for this pane the subject matter is broader than just the mechanics of using the pane itself, enough to have its own major section. I wasn’t ever particularly happy with that arrangement, and probably won’t use the method for the next rewrite of the manual.