manual locked

I have a locked manual accesed via Help.

I’ve tried to find the file to unlock it but no matter what I try Finder doesn’t show it.

Yes, I have got an unlocked version in my writing folder but it isn’t linked to the Help menu so isn’t a great deal of help when I need to check something.

I didn’t lock it, it just one day appeared as ‘locked’, a day or so before my Friday 13!

What can I do?

I would reinstall the software just to be safe. You could probably go in and find the PDF in the application itself (software is just package bundles on a Mac) and attend to its settings in Finder—but if one file got changed mysteriously, who knows what else has changed, it could be something more important that would cause a crash if you tried to use it.

I’ve had my fill of installing/reinstalling Scrivener, AmberV. I’ll just leave it for now I think. Maybe in a couple of months.

How do you find it in Finder though? I looked in the hidden Library (accesed using the Opt key and the Go menu) but didn’t see it.

Manual opens in Preview, yes?

  1. Hover over the manual’s name in Preview and a black triangle appears
  2. Click triangle
  3. Choose Unlock


Also in Preview:

  1. CTRL click the manual’s name and a path bar appears
  2. Click the first level under the manual’s name (Resources in my version)
  3. Finder will open and show you the PDF file


Followed the

Hi, thanks for replying but when I do what you suggest, I find myself looking at this:
Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 09.52.46.png

I Ctl-click and get the Finder window but I’m unable to keep the darn thing unlocked even after doing Cmd-I to get the info pane for the fiie/

I found my copy of the Help > Scrivener Manual menu item’s PDF file in Macintosh (Cmd-D in Reader will display the path) but I rarely use it because it is set for US Letter size and I prefer (because I live in Europe) A4 sized pages. When there is an upgrade I snarf the latest version of the manual from here and then refer to the A4 version also snarfing a copy to my iPad.

There’s a C|NET page that might help you unlock your copy.

But here’s a possibly naive question. As the manual is a PDF file and as users we should not be attempting to edit it then why does it matter that the file is locked? It can still be viewed in Adobe Reader and Scrivener is able to honour the request of the Help > Scrivener Manual menu item. Of course it you do want to edit the manual then there’s the original Scrivener project laying around, which is worth getting anyway to see how platform dependencies can be set up for projects.

The answer to this comes in two parts:
A: I never noticed the locked status while I had my old user id on my mini
B: I sometimes want to bookmark things in pdfs and I’m doubting a locked pdf would accept bookmarks.

Love your id by the way.

I don’t recommend that you do anything to the manual you access from the Help menu; Any bookmarks and other markup you might be able to save to that copy will be wiped out whenever the next Scrivener update occurs. Best to save a copy to someplace handy, like iCloud, so that you can access it and all of your bookmarks from either of your computers. That, of course, means you won’t have access to any of the newer information contained in an updated manual, but you’ll be able to decide when to replace it.

There’s a very ugly bug in Adobe Reader! If the PDF is locked you are allowed to add sticky notes, highlight text, etc without any warning. When you try to exit reader and it ask if you want to Save (your stuff) only then does it bitch about the R/O status of the original.

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