Manual Resorting of Paragraphs while editing

Any thought to implementing the ability to manually sort paragraphs in edit mode as has been implemented in Bean? [Cntrl Cmd up down arrow allows you move paragraphs around in Bean, just as you can in Word - or in outliner programs like OmniOutliner] It’s a very useful editing tool, and a not well know function in Word and PPT.

I think Scrivener is a far better product for writing that the MSFT products but this one feature is very useful. It does for the interior of a block of text what moving document around in the binder does for the draft as a whole. And it looks like the developer of Bean found an easy way to implement it using all the Cocoa stuff native to environment.

I can’t actually see this behaviour in Bean. Are you sure this is part of Bean and not some service you have installed? I just downloaded Bean 2.2.0 and tried ctrl-cmd-up and ctrl-cm-down on paragraphs, but nothing happened other than the beep you get in Scrivener too.
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It’s a function in Bean, not a service. (Although I wish I could find s service that does it)

My apologies…I neglected to note that it works after paragraphs are made into lists. The commands are at…

Format>List>Move Up / Move Down
or keystroke - Alt + CMD Up / Down arrow

It is inactive for paragraphs that are not lists, so it is not exactly like MSFT’s functionality.