manual Table of Contents broken for docx Compile

The bug is that Scrivener is not creating the references that Word uses to calculate page numbers.

Assigning a style – in either Scrivener or Word – would allow Word (or Pages) to use a different mechanism. So it’s a useful workaround, but not a fix.


Indeed, yes, completely understood the nature of the bug and knew it was workaround (easier, I think, to assign in Scrivener than Word, but might be wrong about that as I haven’t used Word in years).

Was just trying to help drmajorbob while waiting for the fix.


Most of our built-in compile formats have the necessary styles set up within them to easily do this, you just have to know where to do so. We discussed a bit of how that can be done, and go into some discussion on why it doesn’t do it by default, in this thread. Note some of that pertains to Windows WIP issues, as I recall, as it was during the beta.

I could be wrong as well, but I think it would be best described as being slightly more straight-forward in a word processor, but more labour intensive, as each and every chapter and section heading must be individually styled. In Scrivener the setup is out of the way, but you do it once and your entire manuscript is wired up, and potentially every book you compile from that point on.

Hello, Ioa.

  1. Yes, absolutely understood about the built-in compile formats. Was just trying to help with a workaround in these specific circumstances.

  2. Yes, for me, Scrivener’s “do it once and it’s done for good” approach seems simpler, easier, and quicker…especially for anyone who knows how to boogie to Scrivener’s tune. And I think drmajorbob will know exactly what to do.


I don’t need help, personally. I don’t need a Word compile for anything but an editor, and an editor doesn’t need to peruse a ToC. I don’t think fiction books need tables of contents, either.

This only led from helping Literature & Latte give the Windows version a more thorough testing than most users will give it.

Thanks, though!

Good to hear.


I opened a support ticket pointing to this thread and Rob replied telling me to try print preview.

Not a lot of help, that.

Could you PM me with the internal link that Tenderapp sent, please? I’m having trouble finding your query in the system.


This is supposed to be the link to it, but all it does is take me to login and I don’t see a way to reach my private discussions.

Here’s the text of the email I received.

I did reach my private discussions, but this wasn’t there.

I found it and have responded to Rob privately to bring him up to date.

With the Windows release, I’m afraid things are a little hectic. I apologize for the confusion.


I’m glad you found it, but I found it too, in that an hour spent recreating the format made the problem go away. File/Print updates things as advertised … on the Mac at least. I haven’t tested on Windows yet.

Oops, you didn’t mean you found the problem … you found my ticket, I think.

Anyways, the format was corrupt in some bizarre way. I had deleted and recreated the only layout that should have mattered and that didn’t fix things, but recreating the format from scratch did. I should have tried that sooner, perhaps.

If you don’t mind sharing the new format in your support thread, that would let us do a line-by-line comparison and find out exactly what the difference was.

Thank you for helping us track this down.


There won’t be any visible difference, I think. It’s an invisible difference due to corruption. I added it to the folder I linked before, and here’s a link to the scrformat itself: