Manuscript compile format isn't working

I’m having a weird issue where the default manuscript (Courier) format isn’t resulting in a double-spaced manuscript. I’ve tried the duplicate and edit function and confirmed that the body format is set to double-space, but when I compile, the text is still the same as it is in Scrivener. Still single-spaced, still using Cambria instead of Courier.

All the documents are set to Section, but it’s not working. The paragraph style I use when writing won’t be overwritten with the compile styles.

I really miss the old compile format. It was really simple to use. This new one is needlessly confusing.

Are you using a Style to format your body text?

Have you reviewed our upgrade guide for Scrivener 2 users? If not, it’s here: … date-guide


Is the assigned section type set to “As-Is”?

If yes, change it to one of the formats that doesn’t preserve the original formatting.

Slàinte mhòr.