Manuscript Header Information: Where do I change it?

When compiling for a “Manuscript (Courier)” for PDF, in the upper right hand corner of the page I get the following:

[My Last Name] / [Book Title] / {Page Number]

Where can I find the book title? I have changed the capitalization of one letter since finishing the book and I am sending this out Monday and would like to update this.

I have looked in the Meta Data section when compiling. Both the Title and Abbreviated Title are correct.


The Metadata area of Compile is where you would change this. The title may be in all-caps, though, depending on the Compile format. You can examine the format itself by Ctrl-clicking on it in the Formats list on the left of Compile and then selecting “Duplicate & Edit Format”. Form there, go to “Page Settings” and examine the headers and footers.

All the best,

Thanks. I didn’t take into account that compile setting would make the letters all caps. Makes sense. Problem solved.