Manuscript hel

I’m trying to learn how to use scrivener for my WIP and have several issues I can’t figure out.

My chapters are done and I have written a prologue page. How do I include it into my manuscript? I tried to move it to the beginning, in front of all the chapters, but when I compile it uses the prologue info as my chapter one. :angry:

Is there a video to show how to set up book sections? For example:

Additional Reading
Historical Facts

I’ve been playing around with the program and I love the fact that I can just compile and submit for self publishing, but not being so technical, can’t figure things out so easily. I’m a visual learner and the best and easiest way for me to learn things at my age, is to see them done.

Thanks for any help. :slight_smile:

You might find searching the forum for “Prologue” helpful. One solution can be found here: