Manuscript in Binder veiw

If I click on Manuscript in the Binder view (left hand panel) on the right in the main window I see the text of the entire manuscript displayed. However, if I scroll down the text by using my mouse, I only get so far and not all the way to the last few documents in the manuscript. The documents all do appear in the binder under the manuscript, so not sure how I can get them all to appear when scrolling. I hope I have made myself clear?

Just one point of clarification on “beneath”, it is the indentation level that is important, not simply being lower in the list than the manuscript entry. What happens if you click the disclosure triangle on “Manuscript”, hiding its contents? If you can still see things in the binder list that should be in the final output, then you’ve got some stuff that isn’t actually in the manuscript. Select all of these items, and then press the Ctrl-Cmd keys and then tap the RightArrow key once to indent the items one level. The draft folder should open up again, and you’ll see the items moved to the proper indent level beneath it. Now try clicking on “Manuscript” again and scrolling down.

If that doesn’t solve your problem, there might something else going on.

Note: If that was the problem, now that you know about indentation, you might need to take a look at the “join” spot where the new stuff was added to the manuscript. If you have scenes that should be included in the chapter folder above them, they might be indented on the same level as the chapter folders. I’m just speculating here though, as I have no idea how you have organised your manuscript. Just make sure the indentation looks “logical” and tidy. Feel free to post a screenshot if you feel unsure.

Thanks AmberV. Yes, I did have the indentations corrects but for some reason the final chapter didn’t fall within the manuscript. All looked OK on the Binder, but it was obviously outside the contents of the manuscript. Clicking the disclosure triangle proved that. All I did to fix things was simply highlight and drag the offending chapter into the manuscript, and now all is fine.

Thanks for the pointer. First class.