Manuscript Master Folders suddenly not showing text

This is how I have set up my project in Scribener: I have my master manuscript document. Underneath that I have folders with titles, and within each of those folders I have documents of text. So each folder represents a chapter of the overall project. As I’ve been working on my project, I’ve been able click on the master manuscript and then all the text of the entire manuscript appears in the middle viewing pane. Or it also appears in composition mode. Or, alternately, I’ve been able to click on any one of the chapter folders organized underneath manuscript and see all the text included within that folder as well. Now suddenly, when I click on either of these things, I can’t view any text. I can only view and edit text if I click on the individual text documents.

Any reason why this would have happened? Do I need to somehow rebuild the entire document?

As an aside, this happened after I had accidentally replaced some text I’d written with some other text that I pasted in. But for some reason I couldn’t undo it and lost the text I accidentally replaced. I hadn’t been taking snapshots so the only way to retrieve the text I lost was to go back in my Time Machine on my Mac and restore an old version and I think it’s this “restored” version that isn’t working for me.

I have attached a screen shot so you can see what I mean.

If put the cursor in the manuscript in the editor (so that the manuscript has focus) and then choose…

View >> Scrivenings, or press CMD 1

…does your text appear again?

You might also want to check to see if any folder text is displaying… … rivenings/

Yes, it just looks like you switched your Group (sub)Mode to Single Doc, from Scrivenings Mode.


Ah yes. You are both correct. Easy solution. Thanks so much for catching that!