Manuscript stuck in Hanging Indent style

I’m doing Nanowrimo this year with Scrivener for iOS. I’m used to the Windows and Mac versions. But, have to admit the iOS version’s layout is pretty new to me, and I didn’t spend nearly enough time before November with it.

Today, when I opened my manuscript in iOS, the paragraphs were reverse what they should be. The first line was flush left, while the remaining lines of the paragraph were indented. I looked for a way to fix that. But couldn’t find any formatting options in the iOS version.

Where do I change the formatting???



The built-in tutorial is a good place to get started with the basics like this. If you search that project for “formatting” and tap on “The Editor” you should find what you need to know. (Oh, and project search is done by scrolling up past the top, on the main project page, just like you’d search in any list on iOS.)

Best of luck with NaNo this year!