Manuscript Submission Export

For many pieces, you really don’t need a lot more formatting than Sciverner already provides to get a story into standard manuscript format. It would be great to have Preferences for the writer’s name, address, email, phone, etc. and be able to simply export as what’s essentially a standard manuscript submission ready rtf (especially since rtf supports headers and footers already so basic ones could be included). If you wanted to get real fancy with it, it could even have this information as individual document settings, for those who use multiple pseudonyms.

Not a high priority, but sometimes it just seems like a waste of time to export, then open in Word to add the basic submission formatting. Like using a bazooka to swat a fly, sort of.

This is really beyond Scrivener’s scope. Scrivener is “first pass” software - that is, it’s really where you get your rough draft ready. It’s great that users feel they can get to final draft stage, but I want to avoid all feature bloat, so final formatting will remain an export-and-word-processor thing. Sorry. :slight_smile:

Search the forums for manuscript, novel, and Fletcher. I have posted a possible solution to this for some, not all, users. It requires the use of MultiMarkdown, which might not be for everyone.