Manuscript Target count changes after you compile folder other than 'Manuscript'

Hi there.
Thanks for your work on Scrivener beta so far. Really looking forward to the release.

I’m on Version: Beta (1048377) 64-bit - 14 Sep 2020.

I found this a bit confusing: When working through my manuscript today, I was shocked to see the word count (Manuscript Target view, using Ctrl+SHIFT+T) fall from 70k to 30k. I thought that by moving a few folders around yesterday, I was miscalculating the word count from the very beginning (eg. accidentally having a huge notes file inside the ‘Manuscript’ folder and skewing the count).



It seems that my manuscript was only selecting one folder, called ‘Part One’, and considering that as the Manuscript Target count. Yesterday, I compiled using only Part One. That seemed to have set the Manuscript Target to target that folder only.


It was a shock to see that target change, though there was nothing really indicating that the ‘state’ of my manuscript was currently in the ‘Part One’ folder.

Thanks again for a great piece of software!

Click the “Options” button and check the state of “Count current compile group only”. Most likely you have it checked and this is an expected behavior.

Thank you for clarifying. I wasn’t aware of those Options, and that feature makes sense.