Manuscript Target not updating

Using Beta 34, although I did first notice this in 33.

The Manuscript Target count is stuck at 0. This is not the same as the statistics and I have definitely got more that 0 words in files included in the compile. This is also reflecting in the target lines showing near the file title, as it has no progress there wither.

I’m having this same issue.

Have in mind that the Statistics and Draft targets include a different set of documents to count. The Compile Statistics for example contains only documents in your last PDF compile session. while Draft count counts all documents included for compile inside your Draft folder, or the “current compile group”.
My point is that the two dialogs might end up counting different set of documents.

My last PDF compile for this project was using a selected subsection of documents marked “Include in compile” and not the full manuscript. After doing a compile including the full manuscript this was fixed.

Since the Selected documents are around 2000 words there is still a problem, as the target was showing 0.

As of RC 6, I no longer have this issue if I compile only selected documents.

Edited to correct the release candidate version.