Manuscript Target: Option to exclude comments in wordcount

Hello! I’m pushing hard on a manuscript, and it’s driving me a wee bit nuts that the manuscript and session wordcounts calculated within Manuscript Target include comments/annotations. I can’t find any way to exclude comments from the count. Please let me know if I have overlooked one. If I haven’t, could an option to exclude them be added?

I use comments as notes to myself about what to add/delete/tweak in the next draft. Right now those are being included in the wordcounts in Manuscript Target when they aren’t actually words that will be compiled or printed. So when I set a wordcount target, I have to fudge it upward based on an estimate of how many words I’ll have in comments in my draft. (Which is obviously hard to estimate!)

Scrivener allows us to exclude comments in the wordcount under Project => Project Statistics, and this would be super useful for both the manuscript and session wordcounts within Manuscript Target as well. Thank you for considering this!

There is no way to exclude inline annotations and footnotes from the Targets panel because that panel must use rough estimates to quickly get the word count, since it does so in real time as you type. As you note, the Project Statistics panel gives you are a more accurate count at the cost of speed (and as the project grows you may see it take some seconds to open—that is how long you’d have to wait every time you typed in a single letter, if Targets were to be completely accurate).

Ah, I see. That’s too bad, but it makes sense.

Thanks, AmberV.

Since this was seven years ago, and PCs are more powerful now, I thought I would ask if anything had changed?

I’d love to have the following options:

  • Accurate real time wordcount in Editor. (For those of us using powerful PCs)
  • Accurate wordcounts in Outline. (Since the documents are usually static when this view is used, it shouldn’t slow things down much.)