Manuscript TXT & Reference RTF

Is there a way to set up an new project to default all of the Manuscript files to be TXT with markdown and all the Reference files to be RTF?

Reason being I like to write in MD but I also like the ability to import graphics, etc into reference docs.

Thank you.

Hi, Lloyd,

Fellow Scriv user here, just passing through: Hey, you can work in MMD in your text docs in the Manuscript folder just as you please and you can place images in docs in the Research folder (or straight into the Binder there, or in docs anywhere, for that matter), so the things you want to do are already things you can do. So, I am a bit puzzled as to what you are trying to accomplish that isn’t already there for you.

Why do you care how Scriv stores these documents internally?


P.S. As far as I can see one has no control whatever over the kind of file Sciv uses for internal storage of your text docs in a project, but as I say, you don’t need to control thst to do what you want.

If I set default to txt files so MD works, then I would not be able to add to images to reference files. If I leave default to rtf then MD would not work in compile.

Where are you seeing a setting in Scrivener which specifies the file format of docs inside Scrivener?*

Perhaps I am very confused or missing something here, but to use MMD all you have to do is type the codes into your text. Come compile time you choose to /Compile For/ multimarkdown and to the export file format of your choice.


  • You can set the Default Format of the Scratchpad in Scriv’s Preferences, but can you set the internal storage format of Scriv docs??

Notconcerned with internal storage format. Will try your recommendation. I thought the manuscript format had to be textfor the mmd compile to work will test in am.
Thank you, Lloyd

Don’t worry it doesn’t. Scrivener treats all text formats as RTF internally, and during compile it strips out the styling and images if you compile to MMD or leave them in if you compile to RTF, very flexible indeed! 8)

Thank you all.