Manuscript typing page

Can I Set up the “format” of my general manuscript chapter and sub texts typing pages? Everything is coming out on a blank page with its own margins and single spaced. Is that the way it is supposed to be until I “compile and print” or should I do it myself somehow? ALSO what about what is placed on the “header” of every page in a NONFICTION MEMOIR? Should I be setting that up somehow or is this also done during “COMPILE & PRINT”? Thank you, thank you, thank you from a “newbie.”

Steve at:

As these are technical questions, it probably would have been better to post them in the Technical Support section. There are separate sections for Mac and Windows versions, since there are many differences between them.

You can change most settings in Preferences – in fact, one of the central ideas behind Scrivener is that you can compose with formatting that looks good on the screen, and then compile with settings that look better for print. Compile is quite complex, with lots of settings, so you would probably be well advised to learn about it slowly. The manual is very large, but it does contain all the information you could possibly want.

You might find it valuable to set up a dummy project from the Blank template and play around with that. Then you can change all sorts of settings without messing up your real work. Just paste some dummy text into it for experiment (you can download “lorem ipsum” from the net, if you want to).