Many thanks to Lee Powell...

…and you too, Keith.

Very appreciated to have delivered such a well-working Beta, and on the intended date – and hope those involved will take some well-deserved relaxation.

Scrivener for Windows feels eminently usable, and very easy to understand. It will be put right to use, and I think will open some new doors in writing that’s been prepared for.

Yes, there are some things to mention, and will be sure to give you reports.

But for today, and that’s a widespread concept on this one, isn’t it: Thank you. And please enjoy the fruits of doing something this nice.


I am neither Keith nor Lee, but thank you! Yes, there are many bug reports to sift through, but there have been many positive notes as well, and it’s fantastic to see people already getting productive with the software even hours after its been put out there, and getting new ideas for how they can approach their books. Love it!

Hi Amber – I’m new here, so don’t know who to include :wink:

I do have say I think you’ve all done something wonderful here.

All take care…


nthing this.

As a software developer, I know how hard it can sometimes be to track down those annoying bugs, and to find time to write that cool new feature, without breaking everything else along the way.

For an early Beta, this is still solid software. I look forward to seeing it go only up from here.

Scrivener for Mac was awesome (when I was in a stage of my life when I used it for writing), and I look forward to having it for Windows, as I think it might help kick me back into better writing habits, especially in terms of research.

agree with them, the program is awesome

Thanks all! Lee is bug-fixing with no sleep at the moment, but I know he’ll really appreciate your kind words, as I do. We really appreciate your enthusiasm for this early - and bug-ridden! - version of Scrivener, and also all the feedback that you’ve been posting.

Thanks again!
All the best,

Thank you all for your taking the time to write such nice things like you have.

I thought I’d take a look into this forum before I trotted off to bed after reading bug reports all day. I’m glad I stopped by. You all made my day. All those dark buggy-clouds hovering overhead parted and a ray of sunshine came through.

Thank you.

Lee :slight_smile:

I just want to endorse the above comments.

Thank you for all your hard work, and I’m loving it so far! :smiley:

goes back to playing with her favourite software