Margin comments in docx/doc compile are misplaced


do the following:

  • make a document, write a sentence, then insert two comments (e.g. using Cmd-Shift-*) to different parts of the text.
  • do not insert footnotes or other stuff
  • compile the document to docx or doc format and in the „footnotes/comments“ section of the compile settings make sure that you have chosen „Remove footnotes“ and „Export to RTF as: Margin comments“.

In the resulting Word document, the two comments will fall together, both applied to the first of the two text passages. The second text passage commented inside the Scrivener document will be left untouched.

Now, make the same compile but remove the check mark from the „Remove footnotes“ option. After compiling, the comments will come out correctly applied to the two different text passages.

So, If there are more than two comments in a compiled draft (may be in different documents, and also the two initial ones may be in different documents) the first two will always be on the initial comment and thus the remaining comments will have “shifted up” so they actually apply to the wrong text.

It should not be the case, that the „Remove footnotes“ option changes the behavior of where the comments are placed,.i.e. misplaces the second one and all the remaining ones.


Thanks! I can reproduce this using the provided instructions. It does look, as you say, as though they are all being shifted one position up. I’ll forward these notes to the developer.

You may have noticed, but RTF seems to work fine, and for most purposes that will be as good as a .docx file (and if not you can always save it as one after opening it in Word).