Margin correcting


I am new in ebook publishing and in Scrivener as well.

Just wrote my first ebook and need little support. Now I opened it in Kindle Previewer 3 and saw that the margin is very low, the letters are almost touching the edge of the device ;(

How can I fix it?

I wrote my document without using styles.

Thank you for your help!


The thing to remember with ebook publishing is that you have little control over the main body formatting, and this is as it should be. It’s up to the e-reader to decide how bit the margins are, which font is used and so on, and most e-readers let users choose their preferred font and settings. Kindle Previewer just uses very tiny margins, so what you are seeing is to be expected and nothing to worry about - the text will look fine on a Kindle.

All the best,


Hey Keith,

Thanks for the reply.

This is very enlightening what you explained me… Saved me lots of hours :unamused:

Happy to continue with the publishing process! :slight_smile: