Margin drag defeats text selection

I frequently move sections of text but, if a section begins at the left margin, selecting it drags the entire page, widening the margin.
The eyeball distance between selecting text and grabbing the margin is about .1 cm, so I am constantly grabbing the margin when all I want to do is select some text.
Since margin-grabbing is rarely needed and text selection is frequently needed, can the margin-grabbing function be separated completely from text selection?

Can’t you just change the Editor margin so the text starts slightly further away from the Binder?

In V3: Preferences > Appearance > Main Editor > Editor Margins.

I think by default it’s at 20 points anyway (about ¼" or 0.6cm-ish) but you can increase it. Better still, use Fixed Width editing and click ‘Centre the editor’ (both on the same panel).

You can achieve the same effect on V2 but I can’t remember the exact location in preferences, sorry.