Margin justification w/ Compile --> Office 2008

Not sure I’m posting this in the right spot. I’m having an issue with the new Beta, but it appears to duplicate in 1.11.

I purchased Office 2008 recently. When I compile my mss & open the results in Word 2008, I get mostly uniform right & left margin justification throughout the resulting Word document. I say mostly, because every ten or so pages, I will get one page that is simply left justified–which I asked for in my Scriv prefs. When I try to change the formating of the entire doc to a simple “left justify” in Word 2008, nothing happens.

Also as a side issue–Word 2004 always added a handful of pages from my Scriv doc. For ex: Scriv would show 522 pages to Word 2004’s 534. With Word 2008, I’m getting Scriv’s 522. (Which I like, btw, as my agent has me trimming. )

Any thoughts on how to fix the justification issues?