Margins go haywire in Lion Fullscreen mode

Using Scrivener 2.1.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Type a paragraph of text in the editor.
  2. Turn on “Show Rulers”
  3. Hide Page View.
  4. Enter Lion Fullscreen mode.

At this point you should see completely different margin settings than you had in the “normal” view. But wait, there’s more!

  1. Try to adjust the left-most margin. For me it would not let me expand it beyond a certain point.
  2. Now increase the zoom setting (from say 100% to 150%). The margin settings will change again.
  3. Now decrease the zoom settings (say down to 25%). More weirdness!

All of this is assuming that you are seeing the same things that I am seeing, which is the ruler shrinking and the right-most margin moving around each time you change one of these settings. With “Show Page View” turned on, everything seems to behave normally.


This is unrelated to the bug above, but I noticed this and thought I’d mention it:


There is an option called “Full screen uses secondary screen.” Shouldn’t this be updated to read “Compose Mode uses secondary screen” (or something similar)?

The latter is fixed for 2.1.1.

Regarding the margins, this is not a bug, but a feature - if you have a really wide screen, having the text spread all the way across doesn’t look great. If you don’t want those margins, turn off “Use fixed width” in the Editor pane of the preferences.

All the best,

Alright, I see how it works now. It isn’t especially intuitive, but once you figure out where the settings are it is flexible enough to get it to behave exactly the way you want. It’s just confusing if you have the ruler turned on, because there appears to be a relationship between the right-most margin and the layout of the page, and there isn’t if you aren’t in Page View. I understand the problem: the ruler can’t simply be hidden in this mode, because the tab settings on the left side are still applicable.

There are so many settings in Scrivener that it’s easy to get lost and not understand how things work. I appreciate the configurability though!