Margins in Beta 1.4

First, you guys are awesome! I love this program and I’m telling everyone who writes to switch over from Word.

Second, if this has been posted previously, I apologize for duplicating the issue (I just couldn’t find it). Everything in 1.4 works. The only issue I’m having is that it doesn’t save my margins in the editor (I haven’t played around with compile for this WIP) So when I open my binder and go back to do some more revisions in the editor pane, my margins seem to have defaulted back to block-style paragraphs. It does show the left tab mark, it just doesn’t save my tab.

I uninstalled my previous versions, and reinstalled this version, but it didn’t work. It’s really no big deal for the time being, I can live with block paragraphs until the final version, but wanted to let you know about this issue. Otherwise, it works like a charm. No problem at all with the dictionary or any other features so far; my keywords are saved, no issue with the corkboard apart of what still being worked on.



Was this file that is refusing to remember it’s formatting created in the previous version? If you create a new document and copy it in, then adjust the formatting will it stay?


Yes, the document was from the previous version. I haven’t tried opening a new doc yet, but will try and see if that works.

I did try creating a new doc and it didn’t work. The margins reverted back to block style paragraphs.