Margins in full screen mode

I just installed Scrivener for Windows for the first time on my windows computer at work, after using it religiously for a while at my home mac. First let me say that it’s a great program! I was a bit anxious concerning how it would work at a new platform… but it’s working really really smooth. Kudos.

There’s one thing I would like different, though, that I believe is there in the mac version. In the mac version you get wider margins when you go to full screen mode. At least for me, this makes writing in full screen mode more intuitive. In the editor, however, I like to have smaller margins. I tried to go through the preferences to see if it was possible to change this, but I can only find an option to change the margins for the editor (where, as I mentioned, I like smaller margins). I also searched the forum without finding anything (I apologize if the topic has been covered before).

Will there be any update to this? :slight_smile:

Yes, on the Mac there is a separate control for “paper” margins in the Compose preference pane. There is no need to request features that already exist though. If they aren’t in Windows, it is only because they haven’t been programmed in yet.