Margins, Inside & Outside, woes

The margin settings are not working the way I would expect, perhaps I’m misunderstanding them.
For instance, I set outside to 0,25" and inside to 1.5"
and here is what it compiled to.

Just for kicks, I reversed the values of inside and outside (1,5" and inside to 0.25").

I’m having trouble with multiple attachments, So I’ll just describe it. What it looks complied out to is tiny outer margins and gaint inner margin.
Is this a bug or am I getting thrown on the terminology of outside vs. inside?
settings, outside 1.5.png
settings, outside 1.5.png

Yes, I think you’re being thrown off, purely because you are printing / generating the PDF using two-pages-across. What you have to remember is that if you were creating a book from this, the first page is a recto page, appearing on the right. So for the first page, the outside margin is on the right, and in inside margin is on the left - which is exactly what you are seeing.

I have it on my list to insert an empty page before the first page when users are printing two-pages-across, to make this clearer.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

It does, thanks Keith! From a usability perspective, I had no choice but to use backwards values on inside outside margins to get my print-ready pdf to look correct. Or, should I fear the worst… that even though my PDF looked good to me, the printer (lulu) will add a page and the margins will flip?

I would check on that. How are you submitting your manuscript? Presumably you aren’t submitting a PDF that uses two-pages across like in your screenshot? As far as I understand it, you should be submitting a PDF that uses individual pages, each page set up to be the size of the paperback, and “Inside” and “Outside” will be exactly as Scrivener defines them.