Margins off center in editor

I recently bought Scrivener with a 50% off coupon from winning this year’s NaNoWriMo, and everything is fantastic so far. The only problem is in the editor, all of my text is not centered in the margins. There is just a giant blank spot on the righthand side that I can only remove if I shrink the margins, but then it becomes too small for me. I’ve tried editing margin settings to no avail.

For reference, I’ve been importing a couple of my projects from QuollWriter into a .docx file format, then importing that into Scrivener. Even making new text files has this problem. New projects with nothing imported also has this error. I’m not sure how to fix this and I’m not even sure what to look up to see if other people have this problem.

For some reason I can’t post an image of the problem here, so sorry for that.

Thanks for trying, this isn’t your fault. L&L forums used to have a major spam problem, and one tactic they’ve implemented is limiting the ability of new posters to upload images. After you make a few posts, the limitation will go away.

This is likely do to your settings.

Go to File > Options > Appearance > Main Editor.

If you’ve got Used fixed width editor enabled, try disabling it.

You may want to experiment with other settings in this pane to develop the perfect editor workspace for yourself. Try changing Default editor width or Editor margins with Used fixed width editor enabled or disabled.

For instance, enable Used fixed width editor but drastically decrease Default editor width setting so that there’s not as much of a blank spot.

And don’t forget you can zoom in or out via the percentage selector at the bottom left of the editor.

Hope you find something that works for you.


This does not fix it, only moves everything further to the side, like the text is magnetically attached to the left side of the editor.

This sort of works, but it’s more of a bandage fix than anything, it also leaves the margins too wide and the text not wide enough as I have to set it to about 120 width (vs the 20 it was at originally) for it to be “centered”. And setting it to fixed width means I would have to make the margins even wider, and thus the text even more squished in the middle.

This is what causes it to become too small. At that point the text is touching the sides of the margins and it feels incredibly cramped.

It’s strange to me because in pre-typed things (like the Novel Format information page among other things) do not have this problem, but everything new that I make does.

This is very likely a setting issue—if you’d like to write into technical support to that you can send through some screenshots, we can help you get your settings sorted so your view is to your liking. If you do, please link to this thread so we can see the comments you’ve made thus far.

If it is simply a matter of the indent settings on the text being too narrow, I just posted a link on how formatting can be batch fixed. Messing with the editor size and settings will only move the text around within the frame, if that makes sense. If the text itself is too narrow then you’ll just be moving that problem around by changing the size of the fixed-width area, etc. It’s no different than in a word processor, conceptually. If you change the paper size that doesn’t change the text’s left and right indent settings.

imported document not centered; shifted significantly left in editor and compiled output.