Margins vs. normal writing view way off? (RC7)

I’m super confused about setting margins versus what I’m actually seeing when I am writing scenes (in Script Mode).

The paper size is LETTER, the margins are as shown (LEFT: 1.5 and RIGHT 1.0). Yet in the writing view, the margins aren’t really shown, and then the width of the page can fit more words across than the actual margins would allow (as shown in the print preview).

LETTER should be 8.5 inches across. Minus the margins, that would leave 6 inches of space for words, but it shows over 9 inches of space when I’m writing.

Given that I’m writing a screenplay, I desperately want WYSIWYG. I’ve gone into script mode settings to change indents and whatnot, but then wanted to make sure margins were set properly first… and having run into this I’m stuck because I don’t know how to set screenwriting indents if I can’t even get the margins to appear correctly.


I’m on RC7.