Mariner Software on Sale until August 15

If you have a longing for one or more of Mariner Software’s products, including MacJournal, Mariner Write, and Mariner Calc, you might want to get them now while they’re having a 40% off 20th Anniversary sale that’ll last until August 15th. You can find details at: … thday.html

Web page loading may be slow though. Right now their servers are getting hammered pretty hard.

LOL! Just wanted to post that! :smiley:

Also, Montage is on sale, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to FD or MMS. It’s roughly 60 bucks instead of 99.95, if you enter the 20YEARS code and remove the backup CD from your cart.

Oh, and Contour’s on sale, too, if you’re into that :slight_smile: