mark changed documents

I only just started using scrivener this week, so forgive me my early and enthusiastic request for features. It may be already implemented in a way I have not discovered or alternatives might exist.

That said, the one feature I would love to see added to scrivener would be some kind of marks on the binder indicating which documents have changed since the last compile, or better yet, since the last snapshots. I don’t want to have to produce a new compile every time I make a few changes to the draft. However, I do lose track of which documents I changed (the result of a scattered mind) and so I end up having to recompile. Ideally, I would just like to copy the body text of the changed documents (as indicated in the binder) and paste them into a parallel, formatted Word/Pages document.

Any suggestions on how people keep track of changes? I realize that the label and status attributes can help here but I was thinking of an automated aid that wouldn’t distract me from my hectic approach to editing.

Actually Labels and Status are probalby your best option. Either that or use Custome Keywords (think coding) that you can search for later in a Footnote

(ie a footnote that contains the keyword CHNGLG and the date 6-1-08. Then do a KEYWORD SEARCH for CHNGLG)

A simple footnote or line at the end of the text would be an easy way to easily document WHEN you made changes and you could even leave comments or notes that you would leave out of your compile.