mark exceptions for first line insert?


I have another short question (last one for now): Is there any way to mark exceptions for first line inserts when exporting? I have a few text lines within my novel where first line insert ideally should be ignored (as they are “quoted” emails in italics, for example, which would not have been written in the “novel” way with inserts). These lines are inserted, too, when exporting the document as they technically meet the parameters (although insert after first paragraph and a blank line in the export setting is already disabled) so it would be great to have a way to somehow “mark” those lines to be left untouched. Is this possible with a style sheet? Changing the insert space of those specific lines with the arrows on top – as far as I can see – only makes a change in the editor view, but not in the actual export.

If there’s no way to do this, I’ll simply delete the unwanted inserts manually after exporting the document to Word – these are really only a few lines. But if there’s a simple way I am missing, I would be grateful to know. Thanks so much for the help!

You can change the first line insert in the editor, and use a compile format that does not change the output formatting.

You can use a Style to format the paragraphs that should not change.

You can assign a section layout in which the first line indent does not change.


[Was writing / creating a sample file at the same time as Katherine, so posting anyway…]

Would preserve formatting or setting a style work for you? See the sample file attached.

Slàinte mhòr.

Novel.pdf (60.2 KB) (209 KB)

Thanks a lot to both of you – so appreciated! Both solutions would work I guess – didn’t really think of simply choosing “don’t change anything” in the export settings and keep every insert like set up in the editor. Checking “Preserve formatting” at the specific lines seems even more simple. And: As I need to learn more about style sheets for other uses, I I’ll also start trying to create those! Thanks for the test file, this helps me a lot. It’s late in the night here and I have to go to bed now, but will try everything out tomorrow. The more I learn, the more mighty Scrivener gets!

Thanks so much again, to both of you, for the help!

EDIT: Stayed awake, tried everything out – works perfectly! Thanks!

Good news. Glad you have found a solution that you are happy with.

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