Mark Up Diffs Between Current and Snapshot

Snapshots would be far more useful if they could show (I guess in a third window) the diffs between current and saved version in editor’s markup.

Otherwise, snapshots is just a simple “revert” feature, unless I"m misunderstanding (which is highly possible!)

At present, snap-shots are mostly a revert option, yes.

If you look here, you will see that Keith is adding the ability to visually compare them in the next release:

However, the differences still won’t be highlighted. It isn’t a bad suggestion, but I think the feature set is fairly locked down for the next release, and I expect that programming that would not be a simple job that can be added as an afterthought.


Well, there may exist a public domain routine for doing the markup that could be borrowed and integrated.

Without this, “Snapshot” hardly deserves a title of its own. It’s “revert”, and most apps include it right in the file menu.

As a specialist tool for writers, Scrivener is more in need of a “compare diffs” mark-up feature than most other word processors and text editors, at least IMO…

The reason it is a snapshot as opposed to a ‘revert’ is that it will allow you to go back to any one of multiple versions. If it were just a ‘revert’ then you could only go back to the version before you made current edits. And this would not work with Scrivener because it saves on the fly.

Yeah, I understand how Snapshot addresses the potential downside of auto-saving.

If (per another thread I started) auto-saving could be toggled, it would be one way to be less reliant on Snapshot as workaround.

While not automated, I have advocated in the past (and in practice do it myself), jotting down a few notes to yourself directly before snapshot. Just Cmd-Up to hit the top of the document, Cmd-Shift-A to enter a comment to yourself; type out why you are creating a revision or whatever you wish to include as explanatory, press Cmd-5 and then Undo. The comment should disappear with the undo command. It’s simple, takes a few seconds, and when scrolling through the Snapshot window in the future you will have vital information to yourself right at the top.

In cases where longer commentary is not necessary, Cmd-Opt-5 does the trick.

Diffs would be nice, but honestly I’ve never really come across too many situations where I’ve needed them. I usually keep fairly detailed accounting of what I change, as I change it, using annotations. I realise not everyone works this way, however.

The open source diff routines are for plain text, not rich text… This makes quite a big difference. You are wrong that Snapshots is no different from “Revert” that you get in some programs. “Revert” allows you to revert to the saved version. Snapshots allow you to revert to a version of the document you may have written months ago - quite a different thing. Anyway, track changes, diffs and so on has come up before, and I’m afraid there are no plans for them beyond the current snapshots feature.
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