Markdown export/import for MediaWiki or GitHub?

Please forgive a very noobie question. I’m just getting started with Scrivener.

As a software developer I spend a lot of time writing wiki documents in markdown. The markdown formats are similar for MediaWiki and GitHub wiki but GitHub has its own dialect. GitHub allows for entering documents in different formats, including markdown or Latex.

I have a project to import another wiki, and the only export format we have for it is HTML. The challenge is to convert that HTML as much as possible into Markdown so that it can be used in the GitHub wiki. So we’re looking at Import of HTML, with a compile to Markdown.

As some people then modify the wiki markdown it would be helpful to import that back into Scrivener for WYSIWYG/RTF editing, and then again compiling back out to markdown.

So my question is whether Scrivener is robust in these areas of conversion:

  • HTML import where data includes tables, OL/UL lists with LI, etc.
  • HTML Divs and Spans with CSS? Very limited support for common styles (bold, italic, etc) is appreciated, not full abilities.
  • Compile to documents which effectively translate the editor artifacts like lists and tables to Markdown that can then be used elsewhere.

I read a thread here from April where editing of Markdown is discussed, but I don’t even care about seeing Markdown here. I prefer the WYSIWYG of RTF anyway, as long as we can get Markdown as output.

As a last resort I might capture HTML and paste it into Word, save as a DocX, then try to open that. Or paste text from a page into Microsoft OneNote, which preserves formatting, and then try to copy/paste that into Scrivener, with the hope that the formatting might be preserved. Or would Scrivener be able to import from a PDF if one is created from a web page using text and not entirely images?

And if Scrivener itself does not include this sort of robust conversion, can anyone recommend a utility to pre-process HTML for subsequent import, or post-processing of markup output for a wiki?