Markdown Footnote consistency: Sync, Compile, and Import

First of all, I love Scrivener, no doubt about it. It has made my dissertation writing a pleasure. However, I was wondering if it was possible to add some features to the way that Scrivener handles MultiMarkdown footnoting. Basically, I think “Folder Sync” and “Import” options should work kind of like “Compile” in reverse. Let me explain my use-case scenario:

-I’m working on a document that uses inspector footnotes while composing in Scrivener, and I would like to keep it in sync with an external folder, including those footnotes, in MMD format.

-If you compile this document to MMD, it converts the footnotes to proper MMD: [^cf1], etc. This is fantastic!

-However, if you try to sync this document with an external folder, those footnotes are completely gone. Additionally, if you edit this document and add footnotes to it using MMD syntax, they come in unchanged, leaving you with some inspector footnotes and some MMD footnotes, which is not only ugly, it is difficult to work with.

-Relatedly, when you import a document with MMD footnotes, Scrivener either does not convert them to Inspector footnotes, and I’m 99% none of the menu options can do this either.

I’m really not super technical, but it seems if Scrivener is smart enough to do this conversion in one direction, it might be able to do it in the other? This would essentially make Scriv the PERFECT tool for me! Thanks!

By the way, when I saw MMD “format” I just mean “syntax.” All of my imports and exports that I mentioned would be plain text (.txt) files.