Markdown Hard Newline Between Paras

To detect new paragraphs, markdown requires a return between the intended paragraphs. This must be a real newline, not just fake whitespace.

I’d like not to have to return to typewriter style typing double CRs, because Scrivener displays the paragraphs as properly spaced.

What advice can you offer for best dealing with this? Thanks!

Have a look in the Compile dialogue, All Options tab, under Transformations.

There’s a setting there ‘Convert to Plain Text’, with a drop down box from which you can choose Paragraph Spacing.

I think that might be the setting you need, but you might find it worthwhile to read the manual (Chapter 22 Using Markdown) as there are several other features provided to help with plain text.


Thanks, will try that tomorrow when I return to this task. Love Scrivener but So Many Knobs to turn. :slight_smile:



This seems to work nicely. I had had pre and post set up under formatting, took that out.

I think my only custom oddity is the plain text / paragraph spacing. Anyway I’m getting separate paras in Scriv exported with blank line which is what a markdown really wants. Off to read the docs.