Markdown import support

What option are you referring to? There is no feature in the Windows version to import a MultiMarkdown file, that was the point.

There is no feature aka working way but there is an import option on the file dropdown menu suggesting that there is. It took me reading your comments here to realize that it is not my import which is not working but that the option which is suggesting markdown import is misleading

Ergo my request to remove it from the import selection - and everything else which might be listed as similar.

Given that this general file import tool does the same thing for all of these formats here: imports into Scrivener’s RTF internal format as a single text document, one per file, I don’t think it is too confusing, especially since, if you don’t hunt around in the forum or research the Mac version to a great degree of depth (given this is a rather obscure feature), it would probably never occur to you that something different could theoretically happen with an MD file import—so it’s just another file format in a list of formats that all do the same thing when you import them.

What I was referring to earlier is a specific File/Import/MultiMarkdown File… menu command, separate from this one, that does some post-processing on the file to turn it into an outline in the Binder. One would still want this method as well, for those cases when you don’t want post-processing to turn the MMD file into an outline (and of course ordinary drag and drop into the Binder still works without post-processing, too).

Hopefully that makes more sense. This feature as you’ve shown it is already working 100% the way it should be.

Moderator Note: split from Importing an Word Outline.