Markdown Imports To Header Bar

Hi everyone,

Just in the evaluation period. I need to do some pre-processing in OmniOutliner and I export the outline as either MarkDown Text or Markdown With Attachments. Either way I get a TXT file.

Scrivener doesn’t have a problem importing the outline, but for some reason I can’t see the text of each part of the outline in the main editor window. It appears only in the header bar (with the two arrows and doc icon immediately to the left).

Can’t see what I’m doing wrong, but clearly it’s amiss as I can’t see or edit the text of the outline.

If I can get my OmniOutliner > Scrivener workflow working OK then I think I’ll buy. But I need the OO pre-processing for some things (as I can run automator actions/compiled scripts on OO text - quite useful).

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Oops, just seen there is a MMD forum, maybe this should be moved…

Are you importing using File > Import > MultiMarkdown File? Also, is the outliner definitely not selected in the toolbar? Maybe you could post a screenshot?

Hi Keith,

Yup doing File > Import > MultiMarkdown File. Outliner is not selected.
But text comments in OmniOutliner (via MMD export/import) do end up viewable in the main editor pane.

Don’t know how to display a screenshot here… Do I upload the file and link to it?

I think I’ve worked out what’s going on… It relates to how I use OmniOutliner.

I tend to write blocks of text actually in the rows, i.e. each row in OO is actually a paragraph. That way I can quickly move them around and reorder. Occasionally, I do write up OO notes that attach to an OO row at a particular level.

The OO note text appears in the Scrivener editor pane. The OO rows (which are actually paragraphs of text) appear as document titles in the header bar.

I can’t imagine my usage of OO is that eccentric, because if you put the majority of your text into an OO note, you can’t manipulate it with the ease that you can a “row”.

But the OO export/import via MMD interprets all OO rows as doc titles… I think that’s what is going on. :frowning: So I’ve got some big workflow issues to resolve.

Ah, yes, that would make sense (I have nothing to do with the MMD exporter or MMD, by the way). I’m afraid the OPML import will work the same way - this is how other programs (such as SupernoteCard do it too…
All the best,

Thanks for all your help Keith. I guess this thread should have gone to the MMD forum.

Once I’ve sorted out my import issues and pulled in the material I want, I’ll probably stay within Scrivener, thus simplifying things. The OPML import will help tho, I just have to change the way I’m using OO where I need to do some pre-processing. If that’s not a requirement I’ll probably try to do everything within Scrivener, which is the object of the program, after all.