Markdown in app

Apologies if this has been floated although not clear from forum search…

Would be great if we could have in-app Markdown preview of a doc or a selection.

I have Marked and I can get a preview of a whole project via Dropbox but as a writer mainly of short articles and blogs that isn’t what I need.

In app preview is the way to go IMHO. Thanks for listening.


Yes, I have Ulysses too, but I want to make more use of Scrivener as I can map out my posts with research material around, keeping it all in one place. And I LIKE Scrivener…

The profound weakness of Ulysses III is the lack of a notes pane. A very polished application that is so focused on the writing task that it somehow misses how writers actually write. That, in a nutshell, is Keith’s genius.

Can anyone point me to an easy way of seeing less than a project (i.e. a selection) in Marked 2?