Markdown/Multi Markdown Newbie Questions

I apologise for these newbie questions in advance!

How do I nest/indent lists please? I’ve tried using two spaces, 4 spaces, and tab but nothing seems to work.

\- Added to Ideas for Scenes \+ Spinning Disc returning to Toby in ROIS. \+ Molly Pendant and skill. \+ Multiple Illusion World Towers

I’m using \ to maintain the actual - and + characters as my bullet style.

Thank you for your help and patience!

If you are using MMD, you can’t use escaped characters as bullet points. It will then work with tabs or 4 spaces.

The bullet points are usually rendered as a dot, though. I know of no way to use other symbols, short of custom CSS or using LaTeX.

Yeah you’ll need to use CSS or equivalent to change how lists look in the output. Markdown itself only determines list elements by bullet or enumerated. Using different characters in the text itself is purely a matter of taste.

Thank you both!