Markdown paragraph spacing

In Markdown, two paragraphs with a single return between them will be merged into one paragraph.

So one tends to double-space between paragraphs. I can turn this habit back on in my personal settings.

However, is there a way iin Appearance to get Scrivener to double space between paragraphs during compile?

And is there a way to get it to show double space after paragraph in formatting?

How might these ideas best be used in my situation, in your expert opinions? Thanks!

So long as you don’t use any formatting that might end up accidentally in the output, the Convert to Basic Markdown switch in the compile sheet will insert an empty line between paragraphs for you. That’s probably going to be the only approach, using purely iOS.

Sure, tap the formatting brush icon, select the Spacing category, and then tap and hold on the + button for “Spacing After”, until you get a look you like. This will have no impact at all on plain-text output of course, so you will still need that toggle mentioned above.

Yes, thanks, perfect.