Markdown Preview?

Hi All,

I know that this has been discussed before, but I thought I would try again, since I am brand new to Scrivener, and I really like to write in Markdown. I enjoy being able to keep my hands on the keyboard, not having to interrupt flow by selecting formatting icons, etc.

So, as of the latest release, and possible add on tools, is there a markdown preview capability within Scrivener? It would be especially great in split pane mode, raw markdown on the left, markdown preview on the right … nirvana :slight_smile:

Thanks for any feedback and thoughts
Kind Regards
Steve Saunders

You can use Marked 2 to preview Scrivener projects

For Scrivener 3 you need the beta version:

To be honest, with Scrivener 3 allowing Styles to be transformed to markdown, and the fact you bind any style to a key command (i.e. ⌘B can apply a strong style which is converted to word — this uses less key strokes yet visualises the output and can be flexibly converted to other outputs if needed), so far I’ve not used Marked at all with Scrivener 3. It is still useful if you want to preview Maths and see the citations / bibliography rendered into the final look.