Markdown + Single Paragraph Breaks

I’ve posted about this on a few other threads, but thought I might get more results if I posted the issue in full.

I’ve been using Scrivener for half a decade now, and I have literally millions of words saved using Markdown - asterisks for italics. I’ve always written with single paragraph breaks, and until I updated to v3, I never had any issue exporting these files.

Scrivener 3 has apparently made Markdown more aggressive, so now it sees my single paragraph breaks and decides they’re not worthy, mashing the entire story into a single long paragraph.

I’ve tried to replace single paragraph breaks with doubles, but it only seems to do that AFTER the Markdown has been applied. I am very accustomed to the look + typing style of single paragraph breaks - please tell me there’s some way I can keep doing things the way I’ve always done them, but still have Scrivener export my files with italics + paragraph breaks.