Markdown to ePub and/or Mobi?

Perhaps I’m just a bit lost: I’ve used some limited markdown syntax to format my manuscript, my target format is ePub and/or Mobi. But it seems I’m missing a step or option - compile only shows settings to compile MultiMarkdown to LaTeX/RTF/HTML/Flat XML. Compiling to ePub or Mobi seems not to format the output according to MMD options. Googling and searching the forums hasn’t helped to understand what I might be missing.

What would be the best workflow to convert/use a complete MMD formatted manuscript in the binder (fully structured in folder and subdocuments) to ePub or Mobi without manually replacing all markup?

Thanks for any hints, really love Scrivener!

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So long as your MMD formatting is limited to bold and italics, the option you’re looking for is in the Transformations compile option pane: “Convert Markdown to bold and italics”.

For more complex syntax, you’ll need to use the MMD->HTML output, and then use software like Sigil to convert that to a book. The MMD engine is not designed to produce complex multi-file suites, and Scrivener is nearly wholly ignorant of MMD conversion itself, so there is no common ground for them to work together to produce ePub or Mobi files straight out of the compiler.

Some day we would like to address that problem and build a bridge between the two systems, but that’s probably something for 3.0.