Marked for Windows?

Surely there must be something like Marked for Windows. Something that makes it a bit easier to preview markdown.

I’ve been through the forum and the Googling, but no luck. Maybe I missed it.
Anyone know of such a creature?

There are Windows-based Markdown editors out there, which will preview the markdown document being worked on, but there doesn’t seem to be anything like Marked, which is a previewer, not an editor.

There might be something on this list which would help:

Thank you for the reply.

Yep. Been through that list. I do have Markdown Pad, and it’s fine for straight markdown editing.
The challenge is finding something with the ability to keep all my research and notes together in the same program. I love that about Scrivener. Then be able to live preview, or close to live preview, what the markdown copy will render like.

I’ll keep digging… :slight_smile:

Perhaps the technique here, although not a perfect solution will be useful: … -evernote/

Thank you. It is useful - it’s pretty much what I’m doing now.

These workflows are best when you can dedicate a decent amount of time to writing. Mine tends to happen in about 15 minute chunks, so setting everything up really eats into this time.

I’ll simply continue to try to carve out larger chunks of time to write. Not a bad goal. :slight_smile: