Sata srī akāla…

I am wondering if there is a way to mark passages or scenarios within a chapter so I can quickly find them.

For example:
Lets say I want to mark the part where on the third page of chapter six - Jim jumps off the roof. (Well he doesn’t really) Is there a way to place a 'bookmark or indicator in the manuscript so I can go to it quickly?

Apparently, bookmarks won’t do this.

Tuhāḍā dhanavāda

Split the text and use a bookmark or a comment

As Lunk suggested, use a Comment for this. No need to split the text if you go that route.

Then put your draft into Scrivenings mode and display the Inspector’s Comments tab, and you’ll be able to go directly to the various passages marked.

You can also type a marker inside the Comment text, for instance something original like [MARKER], to give you something to search for, as another way to find these passages besides going into Scrivenings mode.


Thanks the comments works pretty good.

Unfortunately, I was too late Jim already jumped.