marking text for special (uniform) treatment

When creating html I can use the sections to mark certain text areas for special treatment. Is there a way in Scrivener to tag text that will get a predefined treatment when compiling?
I am writing tutorials on computer related matter, where using some predefined markup for computer generated output, would increase readability. This of course should be applied by the compile process. I hate the idea of doing this by hand using a different word processor …
BTW this is more than “just” using the “preserve fomatting” feature. I can see it as a format preserve + a set of format options combined.

Yeah, as you note the Preserve Formatting feature is the closest thing to what you are looking for, but a tip might make that idea even more useful to you: try making a custom formatting preset using some text that you have (a) designed to look the way you want and (b) has Preserve Formatting applied to it. Now select another range of text and apply that preset: you’ll get a compile override and your desired formatting all in one shot.

That’s going to be the best approach right now, at least for the sorts of things that the compiler does override. You can fine-tune what all it does override (as well as what Preserve Formatting itself does) by clicking on the “Options” button in the Formatting compile option pane. For the future, real stylesheet support will probably do everything you want here and more—that’s still a ways off yet though, so plan around the current features for what you need on this project.