Dear Scrivener Team,

I tumbled over scrivener a few weeks ago and I couldn’t await the beta release. I searched for windwos alternatives but did not succeed at all. I tested Writers Cafe, Connected Text, Liquid story binder, Lyx Outliner 0.0.1 (this could be a proper alternative for linux users if finished) some Wiki- Hacks, implemented a combination of freeplane and darkroom (which worked best unitl now), modified Zwettelkasten… but none of these has all I need. And to be honest I didn’t expect a beta in time. So I’m really impressed and I will do hardcore testing of scrivener within the next weeks ( I want to use it to finish my PHD- Thesis).

Thanks a lot and congratulations for redefining writing software.

Best Regards,


Thanks Markus, much appreciated!

I’m sure Lee will be really pleased to see this among all the bug reports he’s forging through! :slight_smile:

All the best,

Hi Markus, sounds fantastic. If you can wait two weeks for beta 2 I think you’ll impressed.

If you can’t - that’s okay too.


Keith and Lee

Thanks for an outstanding piece of work, which can only get better, as the bugs are ironed out.

Andrew England

I definately will stick to scrivener, because beta 1 is better than everything else out there. For me quality is not being stable or bug free. It is having usefull abilities and doing what the software is supposed to do :sunglasses:

I’m actually preparing to have workarounds if mmd- export does not come in time just to be sure I can continue with scrivener. Is there any schedule when markdown export might be within the beta?

Thanks again guys. Tremendous work!

P.S.: The idea to have lots of seperate files is brilliant. I never, never would use a beta for a real project if everything is within one single (binary) file. Bit having these files and svn- repository I feel safe enough

Thanks Louis - good to know we are appreciated! As far as I know, markdown isn’t going to be part of the beta - but will be added as soon as possible as Windows 1 plays catch up to Scrivener 2. Apologies for being a bit nebulous with the answer, but what with sorting out the bugs and getting the rest of the features worked out, suddenly 4 months doesn’t seem a long time at all… Thanks for your patience.

Ok so I will prepare a work around to export to latex. Since as far as I see from the web export is a major feature I’d propose to write a “howto export to mmd anyway”. Could be within the forum (sticky?), the wiki or in within the tutorial. Otherwise probably some “maybe scriveners” might get lost (e.g. two collegues of mine are quite interested in scrivener but definately need to have proper latex export).

Any feedback/interest regarding this? If yes we should probably open a new thread.

Best Regards,


Just saw this…if there’s a way to export to LaTeX, I’d be quite happy. No, scratch that, I’d be ecstatic.